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Why Aimcontrollers?

Smart Triggers / Smart Bumpers

Are you a fan of FPS games and want to improve your results? Smart triggers and bumpers will allow you to act faster - their response time is much quicker thanks to the digital mechanism. The short click will also increase your comfort of playing in many other types of games. Available in several colors!


The paddles installed at the back of the controller improve the comfort and efficiency of playing. You can assign to them functions of the front panel buttons like: X, O, triangle, square, and D-Pad, L3, R3, L1 & R1- depending on your needs. Thanks to this feature, the gaming experience would be even better.


Bored of the standard looking controller? Then check all the available front panels and create a fully personalized controller for PS4 or Xbox. 60 unique designs, different button colors, and any gamer tags on the front of the controller will allow you to create an exclusive controller, the one of a kind.

Aim Sticks

You certainly know how important analog sticks are during the gameplay - now you cannot only change their color, but even the height (standard, medium and high). You can also mix and match between PS4 and Xbox top sticks. And when you get bored with one model and color, you can take it off and replace it with another! Our standard sticks are 2mm higher than original PS4 analog sticks.

Aim Grip

How your hands feel after long gaming sessions? Tired, sore? Thats why our team at AimControllers took special care of the controller’s element responsible for it’s comfort…grip. Special rubbered texture makes your grip more comfortable and reliable that the AimController will not fall out of your hands. What's more - you can choose one of several colors available!

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

By choosing AimControllers’ products, you can count on a lifetime replacement warranty. This means the end of worries that your controller will become malfunctioning. Our team of experts will replace all the elements covered by the Lifetime Replacement Warranty at no cost to you.

Who we are?

AimControllers - from players to players

Five years ago, several avid players, bored with the standard appearance of gaming controllers, decided to put their innovative ideas into practice. They had vision to deliver both: high level of performance as well as their excellent quality. Today, as one of the largest brands supplying fully modified and original Sony and Microsoft controllers, we are able to significantly increase your gaming experience and create a controller just for you. Because how you play matters!

What is an AimController?

AimControllers provide innovative solutions that people love. They can be used by professionals and ordinary gamers on the Playstation and Xbox consoles as well as PC. All our modifications allow you customize them to your needs and taste. Thanks to the special PS4 and Xbox One configurator, you can pick and choose every element and customize your dream controller that looks and works the way you want it. No more standard, mass-produced products - now you can use your creativity and design unique in its performance and appearance controller. Regardless of whether you prefer Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

Why AimControllers?

  • We have been on the market for 5 years and have a wide range of trusted clients from around the world.
  • We are one of the largest companies offering aim controllers and bringing together all gaming enthusiasts, including Pro-Players.
  • We provide you with the opportunity to create your very own controller and modify EVERY element of it - not only in terms of aesthetics, but also functionality.
  • You can customize both PS4 and Xbox controllers - we have separate configurators for each controller.
  • You don't have to buy a new controller, but send us your own and we will make any modifications you prefer.
  • You can order not only controllers, but also individual accessories.
  • We provide a Lifetime Replacement Warranty for all our controllers.
  • We process orders as quickly as possible - even in few business days (Speedy Aim).
  • We are players like you, that's why we know your needs perfectly. And we are able to meet them 100%.

We invite you to place the orders at AimControllers.com It is a trusted brand that provides the highest quality products and hassle free experience. From players to players!

Build your own controllers

Your very own controller is an innovative solution in which you modify every element of it: from grip, through sticks (also available separately here), triggers and bumpers , to the touch pad panel and colored buttons. Using the configurator you will be able to change the front panel and choose one of the 60 unique designs that fit perfectly your dream controller.

Placing your own logo or gamer tag on the controller is an absolutely unique feature. You can upload a graphic file from your computer and place it in different places on the aim controller - both, on the touchpad panel or one of the handles. What's more - for PS4 controller, you can modify the LightBar by putting any inscription you prefer. Effect? Spectacular!

The custom controller from AimControllers is not just about appearance modification. You also get lots of options in the context of the controller itself - you can use one of the many features that will improve your gaming speed and effectiveness. As one of the few, we offer 4 paddles system, installed on the back of the controller, which will act as front panel buttons. They can be assigned permanently or freely remappable - depending on your needs. You can also modify the sticks. Our Aim Sticks are 2mm higher than default PS4 sticks. They can be used on Xbox controller and vice versa. We also recommend smart triggers and bumpers, especially for FPS games. Thanks to the digital mechanism, they will provide you with the faster response time.

The options are endless, and which one you choose depends only on you - check how our configurator works and create your dream controller!

We have also prepared an alternative solution for people who do not want to configure their controllers themselves. In our offer you will find a wide selection of pre-made, extremely original controllers (also for Nintendo consoles!). Don't want to buy a new controller? Then send us yours and we will modify it as you like it!

Your comfort is our priority!

It's not just about the comfort of playing, it's about the hassle free experience. That is why we make the process of configuring and ordering the controllers as easy as possible. We provide you with not only a functional configurator, but also with many other features. One of the most important is a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. We stand behind our product 100%. In the event of any issues with the controller, all you need is to send us an email and our team of experts will help you resolve the problem right away. To save your precious time we have prepared the option of ordering many accessories online so they can be quickly delivered and installed by you. We cannot forget about the quick delivery method (Speedy Aim), where controllers are build within 72 hours. Very convenient option for customers, who need their controllers for gaming events that are approaching quickly.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section or contact us directly.