§1 Identification of the Guarantor

1. The guarantor is:

MasterControllers LLC. 554 Boston Post Rd. suite 391

Orange CT 06477, FEIN 84-4284783

The service of the warranty process is provided by the company

AimControllers LLC, based in 233 Research Dr, Unit 9, Milford, CT 06460, United States

Tel. +929-351-0447,

Email: [email protected]

§2 General provisions

  1. The customer is a person / entity / organization performing legal action with the Guarantor.
  2. The guarantee is a voluntary statement regarding the quality of the goods made by the Guarantor.
  3. The warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the Customer’s rights arising from the provisions on warranty for defects of goods sold. 

§3 Warranty conditions

  1. The customer submitting warranty claims should submit a confirmation of purchase (e.g. receipt, VAT invoice, contract, order confirmation). The document may be a photocopy.
  2. The customer submitting warranty claims should use the complaint form attached as Annex 1 to this document.
  3. Claims under the warranty should be submitted within a maximum of 30 days from the detection of the defect.
  4. The customer should send the advertised product together with a detailed description of the product malfunction. The customer should send the goods to the address given in paragraph 1 with the note “Warranty claim”.
  5. In the case of shipping the advertised goods within the first 90 days of delivery of the goods to the Customer, the shipping costs to the Guarantor shall be paid by the Guarantor. In the case of shipping the product, after the period referred to in the previous sentence, the cost of shipping to the Guarantor shall be paid by the Customer
  6. The Guarantor responds to the Customer’s complaint within 14 days of returning the goods together with a description of the product malfunction.
  7. When the complaint involves sending a new product to the Customer, whose previous product has experience malfunction within 90 days of delivery of the goods to the Customer, the costs of delivery shall be paid by the Guarantor.
  8. The Customer may request from the Guarantor:
  • exchange of goods for a new one;
  • repair of goods;
  1. The Guarantor will respond to the Customer’s requests within 14 days of receiving the request. The Guarantor will consider customer requests, taking into account the following circumstances:
  • ease and speed of replacing or repairing the goods;
  • the nature of the defect – significant or irrelevant;
  • whether the goods were previously send for repair.
  1. The Guarantor may refuse the Customer’s request for replacement or repair of the goods provided that the replacement or repair of the goods is impossible to implement (e.g. due to the discontinue of certain spare parts or the entire goods), or would require excessive costs compared to the second possible request (e.g., a request to replace the entire device with a new one if the damage is to one low-value item.)
  2. It takes up to 30 days for the defect to be removed, the product replaced or the product repaired.
  3. If the Customer provides incomplete, contradictory or unclear information, the Guarantor will contact the Customer to remove errors. In case of missing the response from the Customer, the complaint is rejected.

§4 Scope and warranty exclusions

  1. The following items of goods are covered by the lifetime replacement warranty:
  • controller paint,
  • controller buttons,
  • smart triggers
  • smart bumpers
  • AIM paddles
  • AIM bases .
  • Controller motherboard & Stick Drift are covered up to 45 days from delivery date
  • Active Triggers

Active Triggers are covered under the AimControllers Lifetime Warranty for all mechanical and physical failures, except excessive pressure. Damage to the active triggers from excessive pressure will be covered once under warranty during the life of the controller. Any subsequent repairs that are deemed to be caused by excessive pressure to the trigger will result in a fee to repair and shipping.

Excessive Pressure can be characterized as too much pressure on the trigger, typically in ‘digital tap’ mode, resulting in breaking the switch part of the active trigger. While this is mostly found to occur in ‘Digital Tap’ mode, it can also occur when in ‘full pull’ mode as well. When in Digital Tap mode, triggers only need a small amount of pressure to be activated, please keep this in mind when using the controller.

  1. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage or damage resulting from incorrect use of the goods, in particular caused by hitting the controller, throwing it, or damage resulting from excessive pressure.
  2. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from the use of goods for commercial purposes related to business operations.
  3. Opening the controller by the customer voids the Warranty

In the event the malfunction/issue cannot be duplicated at the AimController facility the repair and shipping will not be covered under the lifetime warranty. AimControllers will contact the customer before any requested repairs are started with an estimated cost and it will be up to the customer if they would like to continue with the repair or have the controller returned to them.

During the warranty period AimControllers will cover shipping up to $15 within the US and up to $25 to Canada. Please provide proof of shipping purchase to be reimbursed.