Differences Between The Xbox Series X And Series S Consoles – Which Console To Choose?

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox consoles are designed to meet a particular set of requirements, but where do you stand in the Xbox Series X vs. Series S debate? Here, we’ve collected a list of the most important distinctions between the two consoles to help you decide between waiting for Xbox S or Xbox X restocks or […]

How a Custom Controller Can Improve Your KD Ratio In Warzone?

As one of the essential statistics in Warzone, the Kill-to-Death ratio (K/D) is a great way to measure your performance against other players. Because of the increasing level of competition in Warzone, players are always searching for ways to better their overall performance. Given that the average kill-to-death ratio in Warzone is below one, reaching […]

The Latest PS5 Firmware Update

The PS5, like any other console, needs regular system firmware and software upgrades to stay relevant. PlayStation 5 owners may expect regular system firmware upgrades that include new features and functionality. Sony has updated the PS5 firmware to include 1440p support, folders, and new social capabilities. The updated firmware, version 22.02-06.00.00, was first made available […]

How Do You Customize A Dualsense Controller?

If the thumbsticks on your previous controller are wearing out or the triggers are becoming erratic, you should consider upgrading to a custom PS5 controller. You’ll have to spend a little more money, but the advantages are worthwhile. Sony confirmed the DualSense Edge, a high-end controller similar to the DualShock 5’s DualShock controller but with […]

Xbox Series X Or Playstation 5 – Which Console Will Appeal More To The Female Gamer?

Even if you can’t get your hands on one of the new Xbox X or PlayStation 5 consoles, it’s worth asking yourself which one is best or which appeals more female for gaming preferences. In terms of design, both systems are top-notch and already offer various titles to choose from. Many factors must be taken into account before […]

Which Mechanical Gaming Keyboard To Choose?

Which Mechanical Gaming Keyboard To Choose? Trying to figure out which mechanical gaming keyboard is right for you and how to choose? It’s important to obtain the right peripherals for your requirements while you’re looking around for them. Perhaps you already have your mouse and display, but you’re struggling with the computer’s keyboard. While we can […]