Estimated delivery time is around 35 business days, after which the controller is sent. However, when one of the components is unavailable (e.g. no front panel or very large number of orders) Aimcontrollers company reserves the right to extend this time. In such a situation, the customer will be informed about the possible delay and be able to change the configuration. Other orders (Sticks, cables, accessories) are processed within 24 hours + shipping time.
During months November-February build time may get extended.
Shipping/delivery time depends on the customer location and can very from 1-5 working days.

Each AimController is covered by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

For the first 90 days AimControllers will cover shipping (up to $15 within US, $25 outside continental US), labor, and parts. After 90 days, customers are responsible for shipping both ways and AimControllers covers labor and parts for all the elements covered by the Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

The following elements are covered by the warranty:

-Front shell paint
-Buttons and stick bases
-Smart triggers and smart bumpers
-AIM paddles

No warranty is given for:

-Damage resulting from improper use (breakage, water damage)
-Controller which has been opened (i.e. has a broken warranty seal)
-Stick Drift (Stick Drift is covered under warranty for first 45 days of ownership)
-Motherboard Malfunction Unrelated to a Modification made by AimControllers.
-If the issue or malfunction cannot be reproduced after being received by AIM the repair will not be covered under warranty.

Any cost for repairs will be presented to the customer for approval prior to repair.

Please try to use different browsers or try to place the order on different devices such as phone, laptop, pc.
Make sure that you have Adblocker disabled.
Please contact us immediately when you experience such an issue.

In order to repair the controller, it is necessary to contact us via email at [email protected]. The email should include the order number and detailed description of the issue. It is important to contact us before shipping the controller because we can troubleshoot some problems over the email, txt, or phone. In many cases it saves time and money.

The repair period is up to 14 business days. Sometimes it may take longer.
After the repair, the controller will be sent back to the address from the RMA Form. In case of the address change it is necessary to contact us immediately.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Each controller is built for individual needs, therefore it is not possible to return the purchased product.

Patterns may slightly differ from those on the website – this is due to the fact that they are applied using the hydrographic technique. In this case, the pattern depends on how the film is applied to the controller. In case of panels that are in solid colors, the shade may be slightly different from the one on the website.

Cancellation of an order is possible up to 24 hours after placing an order, after this time there is no possibility of cancelling the order.
This time is counted from the moment of placing an order, to the moment of receiving an e-mail from the customer requesting order cancellation.

The term “remapping” means that paddles are programmable. In case of standard Spider Action v1, paddles are permanently assigned to buttons of your choice. In the case of Spider Remapping Action v1 paddles you can assign the buttons to the paddles at any time. The whole process does not take more than 30-40 seconds.

For instructions on how to program the paddles, see the Support tab or click here.

In case of Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers, the whole switch mechanism is replaced by a digital one. This means that these switches work fast with the short click (similar to a mouse click).

These buttons are characterized by short travel distance and characteristic sound. They increase players response time, so they’re great for shooting games. In racing and sport games, however, this solution is not recommended. Players need the full throttle.

Speedy Aim means that the order purchased with this option is processed as a priority. The build time goes up to 5 business days, after that time the order is shipped. To the above 5 business days of build time there should be added the shipping time (1-5 working days).

Yes, if the repair is within the warranty time frame. AimControllers covers shipping for the orders purchased within 90 days and for the elements covered by the warranty. We do reimbursed up to $15 within US, $25 outside continental US postage cost. After 90 days customers are responsible for shipping both ways.