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Predesigned & Modded PS4 Controllers

Even witht the next-gen consoles hitting the market many gamers still play on PS4 or prefer the PS4 over PS5 for PC gaming. AimControllers PS4 custom controllers are tailored to the individual both in style and function, giving you the edge you need in any game. Investing in an AimController not only means you are getting a state of the art controller custom made to your specifications, it means you are getting a controller for life! All AimControllers are covered under our lifetime parts replacements for most parts, making AimControllers the only logical choice for your custom controller needs.

Modded Playstation 4 Controllers

Due to the popularity of PlayStation 4 in our store you will find many modifications to playstation 4 controllers. You choose how you want your controller to not only look but function! You can choose an original layout in our predesigned ps4 controllers that will satisfy your unique style or customize your own to be tailored exactly to you.

What can be customized on your Playstation 4 controllers? Literally everything! Every part you find on the controller is waiting to be customized by you. Including the design on the controller with over 71 different designs to choose from!

If you like lots of color, well we have good news for you. You can even change the color of the share and options buttons and even include LED light up stick bases that cycles through a range of different colors! Additionally, you can choose different color grips for the rear of the controller and even the color of your back paddles. The options are endless!

You will find both solutions for minimalists (Aim Matte), as well as for those who prefer more striking designs (Hydro). Additionally, your modded ps4 controller can not only look great, but also relate to your interests. If you’re a comic book fan you definitely need to take a look at Aim Joker Controllers. AimControllers even takes this a step further where you can upload you own imagine to be displayed on the Touch Pad. The look of our playstation 4 controllers are not just for the eyes though. The texture of each design improves the comfort in holding the devices in your hands.

Fully customizable Playstation 4 controllers

This is not the end of the possible modifications you can make when building a custom playstation 4 controller from our store. We don’t want to give away all the solutions from our configuration tool here. The last thing we’ll reveal is that your controller can be even more personalized with the ability to add Tags in several places; left and right, as well as on the Touchpad. There are many fonts to choose from, so your inscription will blend in with the look of the modded ps4 controller however you want. Additionally, you can also add a logo of your choice to the controller! Excited to build your custom controller? You can find the configuration tool here.

Tailored to your comfort

Our ps4 controllers are packed with features to enhance your gaming experience and each can be chosen by you depending on your style of play. That’s why playstation 4 controllers are perfectly suited to increase your gaming fun. Our solutions will help you stay on target in your games, and our controllers will respond to your decisions faster than a standard controller you purchased with your console.

Modded Controllers for Professional Gamers

One of the basic conveniences for owners of our modded playstation 4 controllers are the specialized Aim sticks that make it easier for you to control your game. Just like everything else in our products, you can also change them to suit your tastes. In this case you can change not only the color but also the height. This will allow more precise control while aiming and with your movement.

We’ve written before about faster controller responses, right? See for yourself by installing smart triggers and bumpers to your device. Smart Triggers and bumpers will help you react quickly to the situation that is playing out on the screen.

One of the most recognizable modifications to ps4 controllers that we have in our offer are paddles. You will find them on the back of the controller and are very comfortable and ergonomic for longer play sessions. The paddles have two uses, the first is to increase the comfort of holding the controller, the second & more important use is the ability to assign front panel buttons to each.

Every player is different. The vibration motors can add to some game play also also make it harder to aim in certain games, that’s why in our controllers we allow you to remove them completely to improve your positive feelings.

Create your controller and see the awesomeness for yourself!

It’s easy to see why AimControllers is the smartest choice for modded playstation 4 controller. Check out our configuration tool and see for yourself how many great combinations of design and functionality you can create! What modifications you make is up to you. Good luck and GG!