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Team Aim was born out of passion, positive energy and a love for all things gaming. 

Team Aim members are masters of their craft, bringing you quality content, goods times and some of the best gaming communities out there. 

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Fortnite Youtuber with over 900,000 Subscribers. I have done tons of controller reviews and Aimcontrollers digital triggers / bumpers + sticks are easily the best.

Playing: Fortnite

Jeff Leach
Actor, Comedian & Content Creator

Jeff Leach is a man of many talents, both an accomplished on screen and voice actor, an experienced television host, an internationally touring stand-up comedian and also a content creator partnered with Facebook Gaming and YouTube. You can hear him as the voice of the iconic ‘Ghost’ in Call Of Duty: Warzone and see him live 6 days a week at

Playing: Call Of Duty: Warzone

Rasta La Vistah
Content Creator

I am a Brooklyn born native and streamer on Facebook Gaming.

Playing: Call of duty, NBA 2K


I Don’t Stream Or Upload As Much, I Mainly Play Cold War, And Upload Fortnite Videos.

Playing: Cold War And Fortnite

Content Creator

Full time Streamer who just loves his community and relating to people.

Playing: Call of duty mainly but really everything

Content Creator

Hey, I’m Kevin aka Yunuziy. I’m a content creator & streamer.

Playing: Warzone

Content Creator

I am a Nashville YouTuber with nearly 500K subscribers on YouTube. Currently pushing my content to the limits with taking on challenges within Fortnite tournaments!

Playing: Fortnite

Team Delinquents
Esports Organization

We are a Professional Esports org. We are gamers who are building a community for other gamers to go, a place where everyone feels welcomed no matter your skill level.

Playing: Call of Duty, Valorant, Escape from Tarkov just about anything

Content Creator

Content Creator and Partnered Streamer on Facebook Gaming for 3 years.

Playing: WARZONE, PUBG. FPS Battle Royales

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