Aim House Flipper 2 Xbox Series X Controller

Immerse yourself in the world of renovation and design with our custom Xbox Controller, inspired by the game House Flipper 2. The controller features a vibrant blue and white color scheme that mimics the refreshing feel of a newly painted wall, with a splash effect that adds an element of dynamic creativity. The inclusion of the “HF2” marking proudly displays your love for the game, making this controller a perfect addition for fans who enjoy transforming virtual spaces into dream homes.

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Basic VS PRO

The Basic Version

The Basic Version is ideal for those who seek a distinctive controller that aligns with their gaming preferences, it’s a blend of simplicity and personalization, offering a unique experience without the need for extensive technological enhancements.

The PRO Version

The PRO version stands as an essential choice for avid action and shooter game enthusiasts. Tailored features elevate the gaming experience by enhancing response time, ensuring comfort, and maximizing efficiency during gameplay. With additional back buttons and digital mechanisms, players can act swiftly, gaining a competitive edge.

For those seeking an even deeper dive into customization and enhancements, our custom Xbox configurator invites you to explore a world of possibilities.

Unleash your creativity by choosing modifications and design combinations that allow you to craft a truly personalized gaming controller that aligns perfectly with your unique style and preferences.

Features Basic PRO
Warranty LIFETIME Warranty LIFETIME Warranty
Additional Buttons x Remapping Back Paddles
Adjustable Sticks v v
Additional modifications x v
Smart Triggers x v
Grip on the back side x Varies by design

pro Features

All the following features except the Aim Sticks are available only in the PRO Version!


A revolutionary button remapping chip for Xbox controllers, allowing you to program up to 12 buttons, providing unprecedented control and flexibility. Thanks to this technology, players can customize button functions to suit their playstyle, enhancing performance and gameplay comfort.

Smart Triggers

Smart triggers and bumpers will allow you to act faster – their response time is much quicker thanks to the digital mechanism.

Aim Sticks

Now you cannot only change their color, but even the height (small, medium and high).


Yes. The Xbox AIMController is fully compatible with Xbox Series X Console.
We modify the original Microsoft Xbox controllers only.

Yes. The Xbox AIMController is fully compatible with Xbox Series S Console.
We modify the original Microsoft Xbox controllers only.

Yes. Xbox Series S/X controllers are compatible with Xbox One Console.
We modify the original Microsoft Xbox controllers only.

Yes. Xbox Series S/X controllers are compatible with PC.
We modify the original Microsoft Xbox controllers only.

Of course!
AIMControllers offers Lifetime Replacement Warranty for all the customers. It includes labor and parts for all the elements that are covered.
You can view the warranty terms and conditions here.

  • Upper Left Spider Action: A
  • Lower Left Spider Action: X
  • Upper Right Spider Action: B
  • Lower Right Spider Action: Y

Not a problem! The back paddles are easily removable. You can take them off & on whenever you need to.

  • The Original Xbox AimController in a variant of your choice (with LIFETIME Warranty)
  • AIM Charging Cable
  • 2 sets of Interchangeable AimSticks

AimControllers Xbox controllers are customized and enhanced to meet specific gaming preferences.

Here are some common differences:

  1. Customized Options
  2. Additional Buttons
  3. Enhanced Sticks
  4. Modified Triggers

It's important to note that the specific features and differences can vary depending on the version of controller chosen.

Both controllers provide advanced features for customization, with the AimControllers potentially offering more extensive design options. The choice between them would depend on individual preferences, budget considerations, and specific features that matter most to the user.