Aim Solaris PS5 Controller

Our Venus controller may be a beautiful product for all the women (but not only!) as its pink tones shine the brightest among the black parts, which give us the final, elegant and soft look. 



Limited edition of custom PS5 controllers - ready to ship in 24 hours

We would like to present you our brand new limited edition of the colorful space PS5 controllers.

A planet is a celestial body that is an orbit around the Sun, which perfectly describes our new collection needed to make you feel like you are in another world while playing on your thrilling console.

We've selected the design of the controllers so that everyone can choose one that suits them the best and that will put them in an even greater mood and fight for the game.

Our controllers are perfect for long hours of play, without straining your hands thanks to the bonus programmable paddles and smart triggers that can guarantee long use and shock resistance.

All are processed for you within 24 hours to meet your highest expectations!*

* 24 hours shipping only applies to the limited edition controllers.

Smart Triggers

Smart triggers will allow you to act faster – their response time is much quicker thanks to the digital mechanism.

Aim Remapping Paddles

The paddles installed at the back of the controller improve the comfort and efficiency of playing.

Aim Solaris PS5 Controller

You can feel classy and peaceful when playing with our gold shining controller with its many white features.
Our bonus programmable paddles and smart triggers can guarantee long use and shock resistance, as it is perfect for long hours of play, without straining your hands.

Official Playstation 5 Controller Customised by AimControllers

All our custom controllers are genuine brand new Sony Playstation 5 DualSense. After customisation process each controller is rigorously tested so quality is guaranteed.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in US
  • Compatible with PS5 and PC
  • Fully customizable

Products equipped with all of the following features!

*the colors in the photos may differ from those in reality.

What's inside the box

See what you get in your package:

  • Original Customized PS5 AimController (with LIFETIME WARRANTY)
  • AimControllers Microfibre cloth
  • AimControllers Flyers