Gaming Console Availability During the Holidays

PS5 Stock Incoming for Holiday Season

If you can believe it, PS5 stock shortages still exist. The current-gen system is still extremely difficult to come by, and with the holidays approaching, Sony is urging potential consumers to sign up for the next resupply. The good news though is AimControllers has in stock custom PlayStation 5 controllers which can work on both console and PC!

To be clear, registering for restocks is presently only available in the United States. When you arrive on the PlayStation website, you’ll be asked to log in with your PlayStation Network ID.

However, registering does not guarantee you a PS5. According to Sony’s new website, buyers are chosen “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities,” according to Sony’s new website. If you are chosen, an invitation will be sent to you in November 2021. The following is an excerpt from the page: “We’ll send you an email with the date, time, and purchase instructions for a PS5 system. You were not chosen if you did not receive an email.”

It seems simple enough, though Sony acknowledges that even if you accept an invitation, you are not promised a PS5. Because the window for purchasing one will be limited, make sure you’re ready ahead of time.

It’s also worth noting that selected buyers will only be able to get a single PS5. Sony has not stated how many PS5s would be restocked because of this resupply.

So, if you live in the United States and want a PlayStation 5 for the holidays, you should certainly try your luck with the official registration. Stock shortages for the PlayStation 5 might extend until 2023, and there’s every reason to expect the console will be incredibly difficult to find this holiday season.

Finding a gaming console

Many people have succeeded in obtaining a console, even though it is not easy. The majority of consoles sell out within seconds of going on sale online. Over 16 million people have bought one of the latest consoles (either the PS5 or the Xbox Series X/Series S) thus far.

Scalpers have made purchasing a next-generation console even more difficult for consumers. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are selling for upwards of $700 on sites like StockX and eBay (EBAY), compared to $400-$500 at retail. Some scalpers have used bots to purchase current consoles as soon as they are released on retailer websites, much to the annoyance of customers who want to utilize them.

Several websites have put out news guides to assist buyers looking to buy a console at retail. CNet, for example, has a “PS5 tracker” that includes links to merchants selling the console and information on when drops will be available to the public.

How to Choose a Game Console?

Each of us loves to play games; someone plays the guitar; someone likes intellectual games: chess, checkers, backgammon, and computer games. Computer games have conquered our world with their mind-blowing graphics, views, and genres. In general, game consoles in our life are at a unique level of the hierarchy. And having the edge over your competition is more important than ever with next gen consoles. Ordering a custom PS5 controller from AimControllers is the perfect choice for your needs. 

Speaking about game consoles, consoles, we recall such legends as “Dandy,” “Sega,” and after all, more than two decades have passed since these consoles were first released. Undoubtedly, times have passed since then, but the number of fans of these gadgets is growing every day. Games have become much more beautiful, more interesting, exciting, which draws you into the world of fantasy, where you can become anyone.

Game consoles are the same computers, with the difference that the first ones are sharpened only for the gaming industry. If you are a fan of this gadget, you can easily understand modern models, types, and consoles. And if you want to purchase a game console for the first time, for example, for a gift to please your loved ones and loved ones, then, in this case, it may become difficult for you to navigate the models and types of consoles. This article will help you find the right game console.

The set-top box connects to the TV. When choosing a game console, it is essential to understand that these gadgets are intended only for games, not providing for using it as a full-fledged computer. They also differ in accessories that may be included in the kit – a joystick/gamepad. Pay attention to this point before choosing a prefix.

Well, we figured out what a game console is and what they are for. Next, you should consider some of the features and characteristics of gadgets that differ from each other in their performance, series, and supported games.

Main Characteristics

First, when choosing a game console, you should pay attention to its characteristics. The characteristics are different for different models manufacturers. Important criteria when selecting a set-top box are:

  1. The volume of the hard disk: It is this parameter that determines how many games you can install in the gadget and its speed. The larger the disk space, the more games you install.
  2. RAM (Random Access Memory): Another main parameter. The amount of powerful games you can play depends on the RAM.
  3. Processor: The heart of any modern gadget.

Other Parameters

Modern game consoles have gone far in development from their predecessors. And almost all current consoles have additional useful options that will undoubtedly delight you. When choosing a set-top box, please pay attention to whether to connect via a Wi-Fi network. If such an opportunity exists, then you can go to the Internet to watch movies, videos and listen to music, as well as the ability to download games.

The built-in microphone is for those who like to play online games while chatting with friends directly.


When choosing a set-top box, don’t forget about accessories. There are a variety of accessories available, both from the manufacturer and from third-party developers. Almost everyone can find the right accessory for themselves, from an additional gamepad, joystick, or keyboard to stylized guns and pistols for 3D shooters.

Virtual reality helmet: VR is very popular among gamers. This helmet is worn over the head and secured with straps. Games are displayed on the built-in screen, and the image is divided into two parts to create the effect of three-dimensional space. If you want to engage yourself in the virtual world with your head, this accessory is especially for you.

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