5 Inspiring Stories of Pro Gamers Who Leveled Up with Custom Controllers

The prospect of getting paid to play video games is enticing. Millions pursue the dream of being a professional player, but only a select handful ever realize it. However, some people have achieved great success across multiple Esports.

The list is short, but its players have all been recognized for their achievements in more than one Esport. These athletes are true superstars who deserve every accolade possible. Achieving professional success is difficult work, but they made it look simple.

Some of the accomplished athletes in the history of electronic sports are examined here today:

The Journey of Legendary FPS Players and their Custom Controllers:

The “zombs” of Jared Gitlin:

A small number of Apex Legends players have made the switch to VALORANT, with Zombs being the best of the group. He won TwitchCon: San Diego with his Sentinels squad while competing in Apex Legends and placed third at the X Games Minneapolis EXP Invitational.

In 2020, he was included in the Sentinels’ VALORANT roster and became an integral part of a successful 2021 squad. Both the Stage 1 Masters in North America and Reykjavik were won by Sentinels. It’s also worth noting that zombs have been known to play Overwatch before Apex Legends. Despite missing out on a spot in the Overwatch League, he and his team, FaZe Clan, placed first at an Alienware tournament in October 2016.


Ho Kun Xian, or “Xian” if we’re going by his nom de guerre at Team Razer, is a national hero in Singapore for many gamers.

The quiet, humble Street Fighter player who plays as the underappreciated Gen is widely regarded as the scene’s unquestioned pioneer in Singapore. Xian was born when professional support for fighting games was scant, and the idea of esports was laughed upon.

In a humorous twist, Xian’s talent at Street Fighter was partly honed because he had to be pragmatic to extend his $2 pocket money by winning Street Fighter matches in a row at the arcade.

Sundstein, Johan “n0tail”

Johan “n0tail” Sundstein, nicknamed “n0tail,” is the all-time leader in eSports prize money won, placing him at the top of the leaderboard. He won The International in 2018 and 2019, with the team OG he co-founded as “(monkey) Business” in 2015. In addition, n0tail triumphed in several subpar tournaments. Sundstein, a professional player of Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth, has amassed $7,183,918, making him the all-time leader in eSports earnings.

Because of their focus on ergonomics, comfort, and security, custom PlayStation 5 controllers encourage the usage of both hands and cut down on unnecessary latency. Patented paddle controls and a trigger mechanism minimize the need for the user to make awkward, repetitive motions with their hands. The risk of hand injuries from playing video games, especially with aggressive techniques like CLAW, is reduced when players utilize specialized Playstation 5 controllers.

Urpalainen, Lasse “Matumbaman”

Finnish professional Dota 2 player Lasse Urpalainen, aka Matumbaman. The pro plays for Team Secret, although his greatest achievements were with Team Liquid when he and his teammates won the Dota 2 Championship at The International 2017 and placed fourth at The International 2018. Matumbaman finished his career with $4,507.889 in prize money, putting him in the top ten of all-time eSports winners.

Competitive console gaming requires peak performance from serious professionals. To construct a Fortnite map or make a perfect shot in Call of Duty, Matumbaman must be highly accurate with his movements and button presses. The best PS4 players use specialized controllers.

Professional gamer Matumbaman uses hacked versions of the PlayStation 5 controller. Modded Playstation 5 controller is a niche product that expands the number of buttons on the device’s rear. Since the player can use their fingers to input commands, competitive gaming is simplified.

RANG-Chu (Tekken)

Now, we all enjoy hearing about the underdog who eventually triumphs, and in the realm of contemporary esports, Tekken player “Rangchu” certainly qualifies as an underdog. You’ll need some familiarity with the Tekken competitive scene to follow up with his story.

You see, just like in every other fighting game, certain characters in Tekken have an innate advantage in bouts, usually manifesting in superior move coverage, hitbox, or combo fluidity.

If you’re familiar with Tekken tournaments, you know that Devil Jin, Heihachi, and King are popular choices, mostly due to the reasons above.

Put, custom controllers Playstation 5 is an upgrade above the stock controller. Compared to customized PS5 controllers, which offer unique advantages to players, they can’t hold a candle. Mods for these controllers include programmed macros that allow players to perform button combinations with a single click or imitate many button presses.

A hacked PS5 controller will not affect gameplay. There is just a higher standard of construction for the buttons, triggers, and joysticks. Despite their improved responsiveness to player inputs, the player’s success ultimately determines the game’s outcome.

From Casual to Pro: A PS5 Gamer’s Transformation with a Custom Controller:

Professionals use the Aim controllers because they can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Players can adjust the sensitivity of the PS4’s triggers and thumbstick depth for more precise inputs.

In a shootout, the difference between success and failure often comes down to the accuracy of your inputs. Invest in an Aim controller right now to aid with your command input and watch your performance soar. Professionals use custom PS5 controller designs. You can benefit from using them, too. The only thing you need to get custom controllers PS5 is to visit AimControllers.com and get the customized controllers per your needs.

Why Do PS5 Professionals Use Custom Controllers?

Aim controllers let players fine-tune the responsiveness and input to their satisfaction. The player needs to trust that their button presses are perfectly timed with their strategy for winning.

Aim controllers provide the pros with the advantage of pinpoint timing. Thus they never blame the device for their losses but rather for their opponents.


Communities centered around competitive gaming have been around for decades. More than ever, these events have shown us that esports is only getting started. Tweets, videos, and streams of people connecting and sharing their struggles and triumphs through adversity all pointed to the same fundamental fact. The full potential of esports as a new form of media to engage and equip disenfranchised audiences previously is only now beginning to take shape.

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