Does Spray Painting PS5 Void Warranty?

Does spray paiting void warranty?

Those gamers who have secured a PlayStation 5 despite the continued stock shortages may now choose from various new covers to alter the console’s appearance. But now we know for sure that changing the look of your PS5 won’t void the warranty. Players can return a damaged console with a customized ps5 controller to the developer, who may or may not send them replacement components.

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Does the PlayStation 5 controller have a warranty?

Yep. The paper specifies that the “product” includes the console, any “official PlayStation accessories given in the box,” and any “official PlayStation peripherals purchased separately” that come with a warranty statement. That includes a full year of coverage for your DualSense and any additional DualSense you purchase within that period.

It is excellent news since we had hoped the company would avoid controversy in this area, but it is always nice to have it confirmed. Sony’s PlayStation 5 panels may be removed because the Japanese company wanted to ensure that its customers would be interested in giving their console a new look.

Should You Register Your PS5 to Activate the Warranty?

PS5 warranties are available without registration. When you buy a PS5 from a participating store, you are automatically covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Providing evidence of purchase and your PlayStation 5 controller custom‘s serial number is all required to use the warranty.

Manufacturers’ defects and corporate negligence are covered under the warranty requirements of various states’ laws. However, acquire your PlayStation 4 from a retailer, not on Sony’s approved list of stocking dealers. Your warranty will be null and void because Sony cannot verify the date of purchase. You can skip registering your PS5 if you buy it from an authorized dealer.

Would Plasti Dip work on a PS5?

Peeling the dry Plasti Dip covering off just about any surface is pleasurable. Sony recently launched an all-black version of their DualSense controller, so I used Plasti Dip to give my PS5 a sinister, matching look.

Can the PS5 plates be painted? Instead of taking quick, careless swings with the paint can like we did. You should stand back at least 12 inches from the plates. Spread paint all over the plate using short, quick strokes. Don’t add another coat until the first one is dried. Inner plates with plastic hooks are more convenient.

How to start PS5 warranty repair?

A visit to the PlayStation Support page before requesting warranty service might help determine if your problem has a quick and easy fix. After all, the worst-case scenario is that you have to go without your console for a bit.

Some problems are covered under the warranty if you can’t figure out how to fix them. When you buy a standard PS5, you’re protected against difficulties like the disc drive breaking, the storage failing, the screen not displaying properly, and continual crashes and power failure.

Won’t Sony fix the PS5 when designing your own ps5 controller?

Even if you didn’t cause damage to your console, there are still a few situations in which Sony may refuse to fix or replace it. Sony may refuse to replace your system if you’ve opened any of the console’s seals.

The company keeps the right to refuse service or a replacement PlayStation 5 if the company discovers evidence of tampering with the warranty seal or the console’s serial number.

Your console’s warranty will be voided if you open it (or attempt to). In other words, listen to us: you shouldn’t try to solve the issue alone. If you try to fix your PS5 and find that you can’t, Sony may refuse to assist you and tell you to send it back.

So, if you are afraid of voiding the warranty but want to customize your controllers, then you must try Aim Controller. Here you can not only paint PS5 but can also add other features like button replacements and specify for the pads, grips, and sticks. So, without compromising the hardware’s quality, fulfill all your requirements with Aim Controller!

How do you submit a PS5 warranty claim?

A PS5’s serial number may be found on the underside of the device when laid flat. The PlayStation Help Center can be contacted in several ways to kick off the process. Also, check to see that your PS5 hasn’t been tampered with in any manner, as doing so will render Sony’s warranty null and invalid.

  • Initiate a real-time conversation with PlayStation representatives by visiting their official website.
  • In addition, you can reach us at (800) 345-7669 if you’d prefer to speak to a human being.
  • The PlayStation Twitter service is another option.
  • Regardless of your option, you’ll need the PS5 warranty details.
  • It entails tracking down the unique identifier for your PS5.
  • When your PS5 is set flat, the serial number will be on the console’s underside.

Since all PS5s now available are still covered by Sony’s generous one-year guarantee, there’s no reason to shell out extra cash for further coverage. Don’t forget that registering your PS5 will also grant you a free 90-day warranty extension.

With any luck, the number of times your PS5 will need repairs will decrease as bugs are fixed in the system’s software.

Does the PS5’s warranty end if the front panel is removed?

Removing and painting the panels will not void the warranty if the console’s serial number and seal are still legible and unbroken. You should know that if the console ever needs fixing and you send it to us, there is no assurance that we will return the painted panels.


The latest PlayStation has been in high demand since Sony first introduced. If you buy a brand new PlayStation 5, ensure it has a solid guarantee. After spending so much on a brand-new system, the last thing you want is to have to fork over extra cash to fix it or replace it.

Panel removal and painting are not covered under the console’s warranty unless the console’s serial number and seal are no longer legible or undamaged. Remember that if the console ever needs fixing and you send it to us, the painted panels may not be returned.

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