How a Custom Controller Can Improve Your KD Ratio In Warzone?

As one of the essential statistics in Warzone, the Kill-to-Death ratio (K/D) is a great way to measure your performance against other players. Because of the increasing level of competition in Warzone, players are always searching for ways to better their overall performance.

Given that the average kill-to-death ratio in Warzone is below one, reaching a KD ratio of 1:1 or above is a significant accomplishment for players. As long as you’re taking out more players than times you are killed, you are generally considered to be of a high skill level. 

A Warzone KD of 1.0+, for instance, is above normal, but a Warzone KD of 0.75 or lower is considered to be below normal and leaves room for improvement. Certain extraordinary players will have KDs ranging from 3 to 6 and are among the top one percent of players.

How to improve KD Ratio In Warzone With Controllers?

KD ratio in Warzone can be improved by using Predesigned Ps5 Custom Controllers. But, do you know how? The features of this controller are so incredible and help you to improve the KD ratio and know-how:

  • Smart Triggers

The trigger buttons are replaced with a digital mechanism, increasing precision and decreasing input lag. Be the first to fire, always! These buttons are characterized by a much shorter movement range and a crisp sound – similar to a mouse click.

The short click will increase your comfort in playing many types of games. They improve players’ response time, making them perfect, especially for shooter and action games. 

  • Aim Spider Paddles/ Remapping Paddles 

The paddles that are installed at the back of the controller improve the accuracy and performance of playing.

The most optimal Paddle configuration for professional players is:
– ○/ on bottom paddles to increase the freedom of movement and keep your fingers on the thumbsticks,
– □/ on top paddles to respond quickly according to situation you’re at.

The term “remapping” means that paddles are programmable. The most important aspect of this modification is that the entire process takes no longer than 30-40 seconds and can even be done on the fly with no extra tools or software! By using paddles, you can map the jump button to the back paddle so you can keep aiming and jumping simultaneously. 

  • Aimsticks

AimSticks are made to fit any hand while helping improve accuracy and precision. You can choose from 3 heights – small, medium, and high, each with a height difference of 2 millimeters. AimSticks are interchangeable without tools and can be done quickly, even mid-game!

*Please note that our Small Sticks are 2 mm higher than the original.*

Regarding the sticks, many people play FPS games with a higher stick on the right side to aim more precisely. You can as-well remove the vibration motors, so the controller is 50g lighter.

More Tips to improve KD Ratio in Warzone:

It’s difficult enough to rise through the ranks in Warzone, but maintaining a good K/D ratio adds difficulty. If you don’t have a good K/D ratio, you must focus on areas of the game you can improve.

Even though achieving the needed K/D ratio in rank will be difficult, it is not insurmountable. Any player may achieve their ideal stats in Warzone with enough practice, in-game expertise, and a few simple strategies.

  • Do not make hasty decisions.

Once players have enough loot or weapons, they rush at their enemies, attempting to take them out. For some reason, they don’t think about the possibility that the other side may be armed as well. 

Instead of rushing without your team, it is advised that you devise a cautious game strategy. This method can help you survive longer while also boosting your kill totals by a large margin.

  • Face off against your regular team.

Some gamers prefer to play games with strangers rather than with their normal team or friends. Playing games with random people has advantages and disadvantages, but relying on random teammates for coordination throughout a match is not always possible. 

Your KD won’t reach the desired levels if you die without a good number of kills. With this, it is recommended that you play with your normal team or a group of buddies with whom you have greater synchronization to maximize the KD ratio and kills.

  • Use Sniper Guns.

Utilize sniper rifles early on in the game to improve your kills-to-deaths-to-attacks ratio. Other players are likely to be preoccupied with obtaining early game treasure rather than anticipating being attacked from a distance. Intelligent triggers make it possible to fire off a successful shot regardless of how quickly the shot is taken.

  • Take part from a safe distance.

Engaging opponents from a distance can help you raise your K/D ratio while also moving up the ranks. The initial few shots can be fired from a well-defended area, ensuring you can egress if the fight is not going your way.

Following a successful shot, players can either wait for their opponent to emerge from hiding or move in to secure the kill. If you can wait, you’ll be better off.

  • Another option is the Gulag.

You can also revive yourself in-game via the Gulag, which requires you to win a one-on-one fight first. You are essentially granted a second chance to return to the battlefield if you win the duel, which is a unique feature compared to other games. It allows you to maintain your K/D rating, which is important for progression in the game.

  • Always only engage in fights you are confident in winning.

Players should only engage in a fight if there is a high probability of winning. As a rule of thumb, players that rush into a fight with full force, not knowing where all enemies are located, lose.

Players must evaluate whether to approach and engage close or engage from afar. Players should also keep track of their ammunition reserves in an end-game scenario. The end game is a great time to gather some kills as many teams will be fighting, and you can 3rd party pick off easy kills, increasing your overall KD.

  • Use silencers

Silencers help players stay off the minimal, not revealing their location to enemy players. They can also increase the distance and accuracy of a weapon, helping to take out enemies from afar. Silenced weapons can still be heard when close, so maintain caution when playing. 

  • It’s not always about the K/D ratio when it comes to victory.

You can win a game despite poor performance if you think clearly and communicate properly with your team. The K/D ratio is not the most important since you can win a game even if you perform poorly. Having a fun time is sometimes the most crucial factor in certain activities.


The most exciting aspect of playing Warzone is leading your team to win by racking up numerous kills throughout the game. There is never a bad time to brag about having the greatest K/D and evaluate yourself about Warzone’s most spectacular players.

The standard practice among gamers is to examine their standing concerning the norm in Warzone to determine whether or not their K/D ratio is comparable to that of the average.

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One of the most critical parts of each game is the KD ratio. Generally, the best players have a high KD ratio since it is a good measure of their entire game performance.

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