Microsoft Xbox Series S vs. Microsoft Xbox One S

You can get a wide range of choices from Microsoft regarding less expensive alternatives to their major selections for consoles. Now the question arises, which one is the finest? Should I get an Xbox One S or an Xbox Series S?

If you do not want to spend a ton on an Xbox system or you just prefer a different platform, one of them is a great alternative. And we’ll figure out which one is the greatest value. If you’ve been trying to decide which console is ideal for you, maybe this information has helped.

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Xbox Series S vs. Xbox One S: Design

There are some clear visual distinctions between the Xbox Series S and Xbox One S, as you can see. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll see they share a common design heritage.

There’s a large black grille on the Series S for ventilation; the One S has the same thing, but it’s painted white, so it blends in more. Actually, the Series S is just a One S that has been further shrunk down in a few dimensions, allowing Microsoft to declare it the smallest Xbox ever.

Xbox Series S vs. Xbox One S: Controller

The newest iteration of Microsoft’s Xbox controller will be included with the Xbox Series. There are minor upgrades, like a more comfortable grip, revised analog sticks, and a smoother button finish. However, from the time of the Xbox One forward, all Xbox controllers will be compatible with all Xbox systems.

In other words, you may use the same controller for the new machine and the Xbox One S you already own. In other words, you shouldn’t worry about spending too much money on additional controllers just yet so you can enjoy the split-screen play.

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Xbox Series S vs. Xbox One S: Storage

The Xbox One S comes in a wide variety of storage capacities, allowing you to install as many of your favorite games and applications as you choose. Of course, there are the standard 500 GB and 1 TB models, but certain limited editions (although not very common) may provide up to 2 TBs of capacity.

However, there is just one configuration available for the Xbox Series S. There are no additional Xbox models available. However, the Series S comes included with 512GB of storage capacity. Although a Seagate Storage Expansion may increase it by another 1TB.

Xbox Series S vs. Xbox One S: Game

If you’re overwhelmed with downloading a game, the Xbox One S is the best platform for you. This console is unique among its competitors because it has a disc drive. Games developed for the Xbox One S will likely reach a resolution of 900p to 1080p. In comparison, those developed for the Xbox Series X will aim for 1080p to 1440p output, which may upscale to 4K.

Quicker load times are one major improvement with the Xbox Series S. Games will begin loading much more quickly on Xbox One S thanks to its lightning-fast SSD. If you detest waiting for games to begin loading or want to better your current experience, the Series S is the one to go.

Xbox Series S vs. Xbox One S: CPU And Memory

The Series S and Series X have the same processor: an eight-core microprocessor clocked at 3.6GHz (or 3.4GHz with multithreading). That is a significant improvement over the One S’s unique eight-core CPU, which operates at 1.75GHz.

When it comes to memory, both the Xbox One S and the All-Digital Edition include 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 32MB of ESRAM. It has a bandwidth of 68GB/s and 219GB/s, respectively. The Series S, in comparison, features 10GB of GDDR6 memory operating at 224GB/s, scaling depending on the desired resolution, providing a little gain in theory.

Price Comparison: Xbox Series S vs. Xbox One S

Microsoft is no longer making the Xbox One S, so more units won’t be coming out, although the console is still readily accessible. You can get it for close to $250 or £250. However, there are always sales that bring the price down.

Even cheaper options for the One S All-Digital Edition exist, although they typically start at about £200, or around $200. For a long, this pricing has seemed like a viable way to get into the console gaming market. But in light of the Xbox Series S launch price, they suddenly seem like awful investments. It quickly outperforms the One S with a price of £250 or $299.


When comparing the two, Xbox Series S is clearly the superior option. It easily outperforms its predecessor with enhanced features, including 1440p output, 120Hz compatibility, and a lightning-fast 512GB NVMe SSD. You are not required to decide between the two.

If you’re not picky about gaming performance and find an excellent deal on an Xbox One S, go for it! However, Microsoft’s current-gen machine is worth keeping an eye on since the Xbox Series S is still cheap and may be found in online bargains rather regularly.

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