Microsoft Xbox Series S vs. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Having trouble deciding between an Xbox and a PlayStation? Sony and Microsoft both provide a wide variety of gaming systems. But now we’re going to contrast an old favorite with a modern one. Also, compare the two and evaluate which one is superior.

Is it better to get an Xbox Series S or a PlayStation 4 Pro? For consumers looking to invest in new gaming systems, both the PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4) and the Xbox Series S are worthy competitors. Here, we’ve compiled a comparison to assist you in selecting the optimal solution for your unique gaming needs.

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Xbox Series S Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: Size

The first noticeable difference arises right at the start of the comparison. That’s how much bigger they are. When compared to the PS4 Pro’s 5.5cm x 32.7cm x 29.5cm dimensions, the Xbox Series S is much more compact at 6.5cm x 15.1cm x 27.5cm.

To put it another way, the Xbox Series S is about half the size of a PS4 Pro. If you’re short on room in your gaming setup, you won’t have to sacrifice much to accommodate the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: Design

The PlayStation 4 Pro looks identical to a regular PlayStation 4, although taller and wider. In addition to having a three-part body, when the standard PS4 and the Slim have two, this console’s design helps it stand out from the crowd.

A white box with a black circle in the center for ventilation is the fundamental shape of the Xbox Series S. This model may have been the punchline to some jokes, but it’s really rather classy. It’s compact, energy-efficient, and blends well with any aesthetic. One key distinction is that the Xbox S Series is entirely digital and does not have a disc drive.

Xbox Series S Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: Storage

The Xbox Series S provides superior quality with SSD, while the PS4 Pro gives more room for your games. Although more costly 2TB variants of the PS4 Pro are now available, the standard model comes with 1TB of storage. External hard drives are another option for increasing available storage space.

With modern games needing extensive setup and digital downloads, the Xbox Series S’s paltry 512 GB of storage space is woefully inadequate (this might soon change, thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming’s recent advancements). On the other hand, this is a solid-state drive, which is advantageous for loading times but costly when it comes to adding space.

Xbox Series S Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: Graphics

Regardless of your chosen system, you’ll enjoy a fantastic visual experience because of the console’s various strengths. While the PS4 Pro’s AMD Radeon GPU can process 4.20 teraflops per second, the Xbox Series S’s Custom RDNA 2 graphics clock in at 4 teraflops per second on a whopping 20 CPU cores at 1.565 GHz.

Maybe you’re wondering whether they’re capable of running 4K. The maximum resolution of the Xbox Series S is 1440p, and it can handle upscaled 4K. The PS4 Pro, however, excels in this respect. The maximum resolution that the PS4 Pro is capable of is 2160p. As such, 4K resolution is completely supported.

Xbox Series S Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: Performance

Clearly, next-gen is a step forward in terms of gaming performance. The Xbox Series S excels in gameplay, while the PS4 Pro excels in visuals. The Xbox Series S has a powerful processor with 8X Cores @ 3.6 GHz (3.4 GHz w/SMT) on a Custom Zen 2 CPU with a massive 10GB GDDR6 128-bit-wide bus.

The maximum frame rate is 120 fps. Still, you’ll enjoy a smooth 60 frames per second most of the time. The PS4 Pro’s performance isn’t quite as impressive, but it’s still quite good.

The PlayStation 4 Pro can reach 60 frames per second because of its 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” 8-Core CPU. However, owing to the absence of high frame rate compatibility in most PS4 titles, you will play at 30fps for most gaming sessions.

Xbox Series S Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: Games

At launch, there will be around 100 titles compatible with the Xbox Series S and about 500 games compatible with the PS4 Pro. So, the Xbox Series S is limited in its game selection compared to the PS4 Pro.

In conclusion, the Xbox Series S is a fantastic option for a powerful and cost-effective next-generation gaming system for individuals in the market. If you’re looking for a more robust system with more features and game compatibility, the PS4 Pro is the way to go.

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It’s important to consider personal tastes and requirements while choosing a gaming system. The Xbox Series S is an outstanding option if you want a powerful and cost-effective next-generation gaming system. The PS4 Pro is superior if you want more power, features, and games.

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In terms of video game consoles, both the Xbox Series S and the PlayStation 4 Pro are very well-liked. Both are compared here to help you make your choice.



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