Xbox Pass – Plans For February 2022

For a single monthly charge, Xbox Game Pass has proved to be a high-value membership for Xbox gaming, distinguished by its ever-expanding game selection. On top of all of these different ways to access the services provided by Microsoft these days, there is an all-inclusive Ultimate tier that comes with a wide range of additional benefits.

It’s quickly becoming a must-have for the greatest Xbox games thanks to the inclusion of all Microsoft titles at launch, as well as hundreds of additional titles. It’s also simple to save money on your Xbox Game Pass membership if you have the appropriate information.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Available In February

There are new games being added to Xbox Game Pass on a monthly basis, which is a great perk of the program. Microsoft has announced 12 Xbox Game Pass titles, including some on day one, for the month of February 2022.

It is important to remember that the titles that have been announced for Xbox Game Pass in Feb 2022 do not reveal the complete picture. A typical Xbox Game Pass announcement is broken into two weeks, with the first group of games being unveiled at the beginning of each month, followed by a second batch of titles being disclosed at the end of each month.

While the second half of February is still a mystery to Xbox Game Pass users, they know about a few upcoming titles due to past announcements.

Microsoft Xbox’s Biggest February 2022 Releases

·      1st February: Life is Strange Remastered

Life is Strange’s BAFTA-winning tale has been tastefully recreated with upgraded graphics and considerably improved animation thanks to mocap technology.

·      4th February: Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Civilization has gone back to its pre-virus days. The City, one of the least inhabited places on Earth, is in danger of collapsing. Survive and reshape the world with your agility and combat prowess.

·      8th February: OlliOlli World

An action-platformer with a unique twist, OlliOlli World is overflowing with character. Grinding, trick, and air your way to the legendary skate gods on your journey to Gnarvana in Radlandia, where you’ll encounter various fascinating characters.

·      10th February: CrossfireX

It’s a fast-paced first-person shooter with a dramatic campaign covering the worldwide struggle between the world’s two most formidable private military organizations, based on the renowned PC game.

·      15th February: Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires

Exciting combat and country-capture simulation combine in this latest entry in the Empires series. In a manner that only Empires can, you may experience the human drama of the Three Kingdoms.

·      17th February: The King of Fighters XV

A fighting game series that has captivated gamers across the globe since its 1994 debut, the KOF series is known for its charming characters and distinctive gaming mechanics. KOF XV has exceeded all of its predecessors in visuals, systems, and online play in six years since the previous KOF game.

·      22nd February: Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

To solve the mystery of how Savathûn and her Lucent Hive snatched the Light, you must enter her Throne World. You’ll need to figure out how to make the new Glaive and discover the truth buried behind her web of deceptions.

·      25th February: Elden Ring

Rise, Tarnished, and be led by grace to use the might of the Elden Ring and rule the Lands Between as an Elden Lord.

·      25th February: GRID Legends

Motorsports fans will enjoy GRID Legends’ exhilarating wheel-to-wheel combat. Enjoy the thrilling sense of fantastic racing by creating your own virtual production stories and participating in Sin live events.

The Best Deals On Xbox Accessories

It’s now possible to save money on a broad range of high-quality Xbox controllers and headsets for your Xbox One and Xbox Series S. Check out our list of top Xbox controllers, headsets, and hard drive discounts for February.

Deals On Xbox Controllers

First-party Microsoft Xbox One controller sales outside of the holiday season are rare. The transparent 20th Anniversary Edition Xbox Wireless Controller is now on sale for $5 off, along with a slew of other authentic Xbox controllers.

The rear paddles of certain third-party controllers can be mapped, allowing you to save even more money. A good example is the PowerA Fusion Pro 2, which is now on sale at Amazon for only $63 and is an excellent choice for competitive gaming.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate, another competition-ready controller, is now on sale for just $100 for fans of the brand. If you’re on a tight budget but still want a second controller for multiplayer games, the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller sells for $30.

Deals On Xbox Headset

High-end and inexpensive gaming headsets are now on sale at some of the biggest online retailers, including It costs $140 for the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro multi-platform wireless headset. This is a good alternative for just $80 from Razer Kaira Wireless. Arctis Prime and Arctis 1 are available for $68 and $35, respectively, if you don’t mind using a wire to connect your keyboard and your mouse.

Deals On Xbox Hard Drive

External hard drives are compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and you can get great deals on large-capacity models from Seagate and Western Digital right now. Using the drive with an Xbox Series X|S will only allow you to play Xbox One games from the drive.

Playing games from an external drive requires you to move them back to your internal storage before the game can run. Series X games can only be played on the officially approved Seagate Expansion Card, which is the only storage expansion option available. It’s a pricey item, and the greatest offer we could locate was just $5 off the regular price.


The Xbox Game Pass membership service gets a new selection of games each month. Microsoft has disclosed the titles that will be added to its service in the next month. PC and console versions of Xbox Game Pass cost $2.71 a month. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $3.87 a month and includes Xbox Live, EA Play,  Gold/Xbox network, and game streaming in selected regions.

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In February, Xbox Game Pass will add 10 additional titles to its catalog.  Microsoft said that edge of Eternity, CrossfireX, and Infernax would all be included in the Xbox Game Pass in February.

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