How To Approach Creating Your Own Unique PS5 Controller?

The PS5’s controller choices are limited. Contrary to popular belief, DualSense is an excellent controller. Still, some of us may miss the back paddles, trigger locks, and other unauthorized extras that third-party gamepads provide after a generation.

There’s still a third-party PS5 controller on the market when it comes to competitive gamers. Customers may purchase bespoke DualSense controllers from AimControllers with a variety of esport-related features such as lockable bumper buttons or trigger buttons with extra long travel, as well as rear paddles.

The faceplates and buttons designed by AimControllers are stunning. However, the changes that affect gameplay are less durable. If you’re looking for an “esports DualSense,” your best option may be an AimController in today’s seller’s market. AimControllers’ aesthetic changes surpass its mechanical ones, even with this limitation.

Custom Made PS5 Controller

As a modding studio rather than a manufacturer, AimControllers has some flexibility in how their controller may be customized. Purchasers may begin with a conventional DualSense and then add features one by one, either by purchasing a new unit from Aim or mailing them and create your own PS5 controller.

You do not need to alter every part of the controller’s appearance. You are not required to include all mechanical adjustments in your customization.

Because it is customized, the advantage is that you will get precisely what you desire – no more, no less. Unfortunately, the custom work is substantially more expensive than the controller itself, which is a disadvantage.

It is possible to choose between two options:

  • Custom-made per your specifications
  • Finishes and coatings that are optional

To understand exactly how many possibilities there are when constructing a custom PS5 controller with the firm, check the AimControllers website. You truly get to customize the style of almost every outward-facing aspect.

There is a wide range of color and finish options available to you, as well as coatings that aid with grip and the ability to overlay your Gamertag of desire for a completely personalized appearance to make your controller seem exactly how you want it to.

On the other hand, the controller’s appearance is mostly determined by how you dress it. We found that using a soft-touch matte black finish with some white accents to contrast with them worked well for our purposes.

For example, we were allowed to choose the right analogue stick with a small elevation increase for better targeting precision in first-person shooter games. Instead of purchasing a thumbstick from a company like KontrolFreek to do this, we were able to include it directly into our design and save money in the process.

For the same reason, the non-slip coating on the rear of the pad is ideal for high-octane situations. The ability to completely customize every piece is a fantastic feature provided by AimControllers. Still, it’s important to remember that each time you do so, the cost of your final controller will increase, often by significant margins.

No matter how wonderful it is to have everything seem just perfect, we believe that having more control choices in your DualSense will give you an advantage over the competition rather than just a nicer-looking controller.

Additional Features

The AimController Customized PS5 Controller is an excellent option for long gaming sessions. Because of the extra programmable paddles and smart triggers, you may be confident in the durability and shock resistance of the product. All of their custom controllers are authentic Sony Playstation 5 DualSense controllers that were purchased fresh new.

Following the customizing process, each controller undergoes a thorough testing procedure to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards.

The design may be customized to meet the specific requirements of the client. Please visit the configurator for a list of the approximately 50+ front plates available. The customer has the option of uploading his or her logo and create your own playstation5 controller. There are a few optional add-ons you may purchase:

  • Smart Bumpers/ Smart Triggers: Smart Triggers / Smart Bumpers are devices that detect when a vehicle is in motion. Smart triggers and bumpers will enable you to react more quickly since their reaction time is much faster due to the digital mechanism.
  • Paddles: The controller’s paddles, which are located at the rear, enhance both the player’s comfort and the effectiveness of their gameplay.

The most significant disadvantage of smart triggers is eliminating the ability to get haptic input from them. This may not be a terrible thing for professional shooters. But it is a major disappointment for those who want to make use of all the PS5 has to offer. However, you can remove the paddles if they become a source of irritation for you in the future.

Additionally, you may now choose not just the colors of the analogue sticks but also the height of the sticks (small, medium, and high). You may also add a grip to the bottom of the tool to make it more pleasant to hold in your hand. One significant difference is that the motors in the controller may now be removed entirely. This results in a lighter controller, as well as a reduction in battery use.


AimControllers’ customized DualSense provides a set of specialist features for competitive gaming. Using the paddles is a breeze. Button design that’s more discrete both are unpleasant and, in some situations, restricting.

As long as you’re prepared to spend the money, AimControllers seems capable of producing high-quality aesthetics. Skins and faceplates only go so far when it comes to personalizing the controller as a whole. To get the most out of AimControllers, you need to know exactly what you want.

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For those searching for a high-quality customized controller to enhance their competitive gaming experience on the PS5, this is an excellent choice that includes paddles and zero-travel triggers.

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