Xbox Series X Or Playstation 5 – Which Console Will Appeal More To The Female Gamer?

Even if you can’t get your hands on one of the new Xbox X or PlayStation 5 consoles, it’s worth asking yourself which one is best or which appeals more female for gaming preferences. In terms of design, both systems are top-notch and already offer various titles to choose from.

Many factors must be taken into account before making a definitive decision on which console is the best. However, if you can only pick one, you’ll want to figure out which one is ideal for you.

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Why are more female gamers attracted to the Xbox Series X Design?

When it comes to a console’s design, it’s mostly a matter of personal choice. However, the PS5’s design is repulsive, so that’s my taste. Also, switching between vertical and horizontal configurations is a headache, and the basic version has an unattractive, asymmetrical look. However, female gamers are likelier to choose Xbox because of its classy look.

The “power” and “disc eject” buttons are difficult to identify on the front panel. This is a rare occasion when I advocate delaying a console purchase so that you may get your hands on the PS5, but you should definitely consider doing so.

Unofficial PS5 slims have been created, and although they come with significant warnings, they still look fairly amazing. The Xbox One X, meanwhile, uses its space far more effectively despite still being considerably larger than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

As opposed to appearing like an overgrown router, the Xbox Series X is an elegant black box that at least seems to be a compact tower PC in its vertical design (or a tiny refrigerator). In addition to a clearly marked power button and a pairing button, it features a simple way to connect to the Internet.

There was considerable discussion over people’s worries that the vents on the Xbox Series X console may get clogged with dust; however, the Series X consoles that our crew has access to show no evidence of this happening.

Including a USB-C connector on the PlayStation 5 (as opposed to the Xbox One Series X) is the sole significant benefit that the PS5 has over its competitor, the Xbox One Series X.

This is a significant advantage, particularly given that more peripherals are beginning to support the USB-C standard. However, although being much more conservative, the Xbox Series X design is also much more logical overall.

Why Does Xbox Series X Fall Short Of Playstation 5 In Terms Of Features?

Xbox Series X similarly falls short of the PlayStation 5 in terms of console-specific functionality. The DualSense controller for the PS5 is especially useful for Sony’s exclusives since it offers sensitive haptic feedback and a built-in speaker that the Xbox One’s controller lacks.

The PlayStation 5’s patented spatial surround audio system offers a truly immersive 3D audio experience for those who prefer to play with headphones. Dolby Atmos is also available on the Series X, but it costs $15 to enable the feature on headphones that are compatible with the headsets.

Aside from a few minor gameplay tweaks, these new PS5 capabilities enhance the experience and make it seem more like a unique experience to play games on the PS5. Another unique feature of the Xbox Series X console is a rapid resume, which saves your current position and lets you switch between games without long loading sequences.

However, the fast resume doesn’t function in every game, and it’s more about speeding up navigation than improving gameplay.


The Xbox Series X’s controller is another area where it plays things safe, which is admirable. Series X is essentially similar to the Xbox One controller, other from smoother grips and shoulder buttons, an enhanced D-pad, and a new “share” button in the middle.

Smart improvement for one of the greatest controllers ever created. But the fact that it relies on AA batteries rather than a built-in rechargeable unit seems dated, and it also shifts costs to the end user, whether they purchase AAs or rechargeable packs.

On the other hand, the DualShock 4’s two-tone color scheme and larger grips make the PS5’s DualSense a major departure. Among the new features are incredibly sensitive haptics and a microphone embedded.

To put it simply, you can feel things moving around in a box, or feel genuine resistance when you touch a trigger, thanks to the excellent haptic feedback. A lot of area remains unutilized on the DualSense, which means you’ll be distracted from your game more than you’ll be engaged in it.


The PS5 and Xbox Series X are almost identical when it comes to sheer power. Despite a few small variations, both systems perform similarly. It is possible to run games at 120 frames per second on each platform.

Although Microsoft’s console has a superior CPU and GPU to Sony’s PS5, there is currently no significant difference in performance when playing games on either platform. In terms of aesthetics, the Xbox Series X does have an advantage, but it isn’t because of its superiority. It has a larger internal hard drive than the PS5.

During the PS5’s early days, when external storage options were more restricted, this became more apparent. Even though Sony has already fixed the issue by providing compatibility for extra drives, the smaller onboard storage still stands out.

The additional gigabytes truly matter when game files are this large. The Series X has the upper hand here, although it’s more of a technicality. We haven’t seen anything that makes the PS5 appear weaker, even if it is theoretically more powerful than the current system.

The only thing that’s changed in my gaming experience over the last year is the availability of sufficient storage.

Which Is Preferable?

The Xbox Series X seems superior, even though both systems have a long way to go. The Xbox Series X has an early advantage in the next generation of consoles because of its superior technology, better design, more extensive game subscription service, and joystick controller.

But the PS5 has advantages over the Xbox Series X that the Xbox lacks. A more innovative controller, quicker SSD, and a bigger range of exclusive titles are only some of the features of the new digital console.

As a result of my extensive usage of both consoles over the last several months, I think they share more similarities than differences. Whatever you choose will be more than enough for the coming years.


All systems have their advantages and disadvantages, which might influence customers in one way or another. Both systems were put through their paces for a full year to help you determine which is better for your gaming requirements.

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