Hall Effects Explained

Hall Effect Joysticks Manual

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Hall Effect controllers, please refer to our comprehensive guide on Recentering & Calibration for troubleshooting steps.

In-Game Sensitivity

Optimizing In-Game Sensitivity Settings:

To maximize the advantages of the Hall Effect joystick feature, it’s essential to fine-tune your in-game sensitivity settings. Follow these steps for an optimal experience:

Because of the responsiveness of the Hall Effect joysticks your sensitivity may need to be adjusted in game. While our recommendations are below, please make adjustments to fit to your play style.

It is recommended to reduce your sensitivity by 50% to start and make adjustments based on your preferences from there. For example, if your baseline sensitivity in game is a 10, reduce it to a 5 and then adjust from that setting to fit your preference. While we have found this works for the majority of games, there are a vast array of games available and sensitivity adjustments could differ depending on each game. Please note – Higher sensitivity setting may cause unwanted movement or actions in-game. It is recommended to keep your sensitivity at or below 50% of the maximum value available to ensure smooth game play. For example, if a games sensitivity values range from 0 – 20, keeping your sensitivity at 10 or below is recommended. For games like Call of Duty, we have found a sensitivity of 7 or less to work best. This is a guideline as each game is different, some games may function well at slightly higher or lower then the recommended maximum value.


Because Hall Effect joysticks are extremely sensitive and precise it is recommended to adjust your in-game deadzone to avoid any unwanted jitters or movement.

While in-game, set your controller deadzone to 0 or the lowest setting possible. With this setting go back to you character in game, if the character moves without touching the joysticks go back to your settings and increase your deadzone by 1 value till involuntary movement stops. For games like Call of Duty we have found a deadzone setting of 4 works best but may vary for some users.

Joystick Circularity / Raw Input

Our Hall Effect joysticks are designed with a ‘raw’ input for precision & speed in game, giving the user the ability to play at their best. If testing circularity through gamepad tester or another third party website or software you will see the input of an AIM Hall Effect controller is more of a rounded square than a perfect circle, hence the ‘raw’ input. Please note a circularity test only tests one thing, how well a circle is made by the joystick, nothing else. Any visible error reading is just stating the joystick did not make a perfect circle and will have no impact on your in game performance.