What does the warranty cover?

AimControllers offers Lifetime Replacement Warranty for all of our customers at no additional cost – it covers labor and parts for all the elements that are covered.


The following elements are covered by the lifetime warranty:

  • Front shell paint
  • Controller motherboard & Stick Drift are covered up to 45 days from delivery date
  • Smart triggers and smart bumpers
  • AIM paddles
  • AIM back Pro
  • Active Triggers
    Active Triggers are covered under the AimControllers Lifetime Warranty for all mechanical and physical failures, except excessive pressure. Damage to the active triggers from excessive pressure will be covered once under warranty during the life of the controller. Any subsequent repairs that are deemed to be caused by excessive pressure to the trigger will result in a fee to repair and shipping.


No warranty is given:

  • damage resulting from normal usage (AimSticks)
  • damage resulting from improper use (breakage, water damage)
  • controller which has been opened (i.e. has a broken warranty seal)