What does my order status mean?

AimControllers has several Order Statuses to help you track your order before it is ready to be shipped.

  • Pending – Your order has been received and is queued until the transaction is finalized.
  • Payment accepted – Payment was completed. The order has been approved by the system and is waiting for further processing. You will receive an email update with all the details shortly.
  • Failed – Payment was attempted, but unfortunately not completed. There was an error processing your payment method.
  • Building Your Controller – We received your order confirmation manually and are in the process of preparing the ordered product. You should receive emails with your order details updating you of the initial waiting time. Our technicians are already working on the production of your order.
  • Awaiting Your Controller – You have placed an order for a controller with the “Send-In” option. It requires sending your own controller to our company for modifications. Our technicians wait for your shipment to arrive and as soon as it does, the status is changed to Building Your Controller.
  • On Hold – The order has been held for pending credit availability depending on the actions you have taken with your payment intermediary.
  • Canceled/Refunded – The order has been canceled and will not be processed. The refund is processed within 14 business days.
  • Completed – Finally! Your order is ready to be shipped out to you. You will receive an email with the shipping details and tracking number of the package.