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The PlayStation 5 has been in short supply for what seems like forever. Then, assuming you were successful in your quest to get one, you should probably make the most of it. If you want to take your PS5 gaming to the next level, consider upgrading your storage capacity with a hard drive, talking with friends in-game, or adding a second controller so you can play with family and friends. The greatest PlayStation 5 add-ons will make your new system feel even more like a home for gaming, and you can customize them to fit your tastes.

Not all add-ons serve the same purpose; although some can make a game more enjoyable, others quickly fix problems. You can enhance your experience to new heights with any available add-ons. Get the best PlayStation 5 accessories that complement your chosen gaming system below.

Top best PS5 Accessories:

PS5 Controller Wireless Keyboard & Chatpad:

While in the middle of a game, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with a joystick to enter text into a virtual keyboard. It’s sluggish; there’s no denying it. Just the process of redeeming PlayStation coupons is cumbersome. Lucky for us, that’s where wireless keyboards come in. Mind you, not just any wireless keyboard, but a chat pad version that fits snugly into the bottom of the controller, putting all the keys right where you need them.

This conversation pad is made to attach to the base of your DualSense controller, and its ergonomic design ensures that it will be a comfortable addition to your controller. It has a full QWERTY keyboard, a voice chat pad, a built-in speaker, and a 3.5mm external audio output port, so you may plug in your headset if you like.

Intended Use Charging Station:

DualSense and Xbox X series controllers may be charged in tandem in roughly 2 hours using the AiM Charging Station. This PS5 and Xbox X controller charger makes charging and stowing your controllers a breeze. You can charge the controller when not used by placing it on the dock with the best charging stations. Copper has been upgraded to allow for quick charging. The dual charging dock guarantees you’ll never miss a crucial play because your device is running out of juice.

Intelligent chips and high-quality parts ensure that your controllers and devices are safe from damage caused by excessive current, voltage, or short circuits. Even if you leave your controller on the charger all night, you won’t damage it. There’s no need to worry about being unplugged in any working situation with this 2 ft. long power cord. provides you with the best charging stations, specifically designed for your DualSense and Xbox X series controllers, and you can charge these controllers simultaneously within two hours. The controller charger offers easier and quicker charging and storing of the controllers.

Audeze Penrose Gaming Headset:

It’s flexible, convenient, and effective in any environment, and it converts your mind into a personal theater. The Penrose can be a wireless headset with the supplied adapter or Bluetooth wireless technology. It can also function as a wired headset, albeit either configuration will require charging. Connect directly to your DualSense gamepad.

There’s good justification for the amazing sound quality coming from this headset. The sound is amplified and filtered using planar magnetic drivers through an incredibly thin conductive sheet that floats between two permanent magnetic fields. That means the Penrose and other headphones using this technology deliver incredibly detailed, rich sound, even at low volumes. When using these headsets, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the game.

Compared to the other headsets, this one is somewhat pricey, but it’s worth it if you’re seeking a high-quality headset that will work with any gaming system, not just the PS5.

Joysticks with KontrolFreek Controls:

Thumbstick caps could be the answer if you discover that the DualSense sticks don’t feel right in your hands or if your fingertips keep slipping off.

With various stick styles and lengths, it’s easy to see why KontrolFreek has become the industry standard. The new COD Vanguard tie-in version is fantastic, but we also like the Omni kind.

Xbox One Media Remote:

The PS5 Media Remote isn’t required, but you should consider it if you use your PS5 primarily as a media center. Spend as much time viewing streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus as playing games on your PC. These cheap PS5 best accessories help you save battery life on your AimConroller while providing additional benefits.

The PS5 Media Remote, in contrast to most other modern TV remote controls, operates on regular AA batteries. To avoid fumbling for the remote whenever you want to stick something on the TV, you can keep a drawer stocked with inexpensive lithium batteries. This accessory has a significantly longer battery life than The DualSense, at roughly 12 hours of continuous playback time.

Do you need PS5 accessories? So, you said a big yes. provides multiple accessories, including the Aim charging stations, Aim case PS5, PS5 V3 Aim Back Pro Paddles, and various other products. So, look no further and get the additional accessories for your favorite consoles!

The PS5 Steering Wheel:

What follows is a treat for those who enjoy auto races. Sure, the DualSense’s sensitivities are good enough to play racing games on the pad, but why not go all out for the most authentic driving experience possible?

The PS5’s specialized steering wheel will put you in the driver’s seat, and since racing games require precise movement, quick gear changes, and a feel for the car on the road—features that even the greatest pad can’t replicate—a wheel with pedals is the natural choice for fans of the genre. By placing your hands on the wheel, you may more fully experience the game’s turns, quick stops, and crashes. The most well-known manufacturers, like Logitech, provide these PS5 accessories.

WD Black SN850 1TB gaming SSD:

Users can now upgrade the PS5’s storage capacity for PS5 SSD memory expansion by installing a user-supplied internal hard drive. It’s a bit of a hassle to acquire a suitable hard disk, as specific dimensions and the presence of a heatsink are required. The good news is that it’s a breeze with this Western Digital gaming SSD.

With a screwdriver, you can greatly expand your storage space in ten minutes. It is a costly improvement that will pay off in the long run. Depending on the games you play, the PS5’s hard drive should be able to hold at least ten titles.

The 2TB Game Drive by Seagate:

Games for the PlayStation 4 and other files, such as screenshots and save games, can be kept on an external hard drive. Solid-state external drives, such as those offered by Seagate, offer somewhat faster load speeds but come at a higher price.

PlayStation 5 games can only be saved on a specific internal drive since they require a faster read/write speed.


Maximizing Your PS5 Experience, invest in professional controllers for the PS5’s best accessories. You’ll feel like you’re playing on a next-gen console because you’ll be more involved in the game. So, we made care to compile the top PS5 add-ons for various players. We’ve done the legwork for you if you want the best PS5 accessories.

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The best PlayStation 5 accessories will make your new system feel even more like a part of your gaming setup, and you can personalize them to suit your preferences.

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